Saturday, January 24, 2009

Frigid, frigid day

Bundled to the max, my little HuggaMutt and I braved the cold to visit the Chemung. Once again, I would warn anyone who visits the boat ramp to forgo it until the ice is gone.
Ellie loves the levee because it is tamped down for her. At her height she hates to slog through the snow.
Ellie inspects a deserted raft. There is no snow beneath it, but surely no warmth.
She willingly follows deeper into the Island.
Here is an unusual view of the raft behind the Water Board, taken from the ice on the Chemung River. Ellie loves Foster Island: there are lots of trails to inspect. Also, the scent of deer and muskrat and other animals is quite strong, even in winter.

We slog away at it until we are faced with the loveliness of blues and browns and whites. This feeder is Hoffman Creek, still unfrozen despite the frigid temperature. But even total beauty doesn't make up for the mean cold wind. We are glad to get back to the Tracker, spin it a bit and inch our way up the levee to go home.

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