Sunday, February 28, 2010

Little Hero, Little Buddy

Poor Riverdog got no Chemung today. She knew and didn't want to go out, even hid behind the bed.

I am a great believer in exercise for dogs. Each day, every day, as much as possible.

Not really possible today, though. I am tapering from a Solumedrol drip, and quite weak. I am barely able to walk the block, and must use a cane. Still, I hooked Ellie up to the leash and out we went.

In less than a half block, she had taken over, usually strictly forbidden by me. This time, however, I encouraged her to take us around on her steam. She complied.

How she understands, I will never know, but she surely grasped the problem. She gently led the way, at an even pace, with no tugging or pulling. We stopped here and there, both to give me a rest, and to allow her to pee. She would pause and give me that sidelong look--you know--the one where the white edge of her eye shows, and waited for me to start again or say something.

Now I am exhausted, but I had to post to her blog, to tell you she is well, but I am only now getting better. Soon we will be able to blog fully again, photos and all, of my little buddy.

My little hero.

Little Pond

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