Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nothing shy of scary

No human or heavy equipment piled all this ice...
Some of it is dirty and in nasty, gritty slabs along the river front, while other chunks glow an ethereal blue. Double click and get a closeup.
Ellie is just tiny next to these stranded floes. She easily walks out on them, coming back to my whistle. I can hardly walk on land right now; Foster Island is slowly flooding over.
Right in downtown are some new pieces of driftwood, making lovely patterns and colors. Too bad this trunk is attacked to a huge, stripped log.
They all are, and are huge just in themselves. Wish I could drive the Tracker down there to haul a few out for the property.
The river is really dangerous right now. Very powerful and full of floes and driftwood.
Add the howling winds of late, and our whole visit was a little eerie.

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